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World ABC – What is that?

The World ABC is an invitation to travel through language(s) and the pictures associated therewith. It is a collection of apparently clear concepts, with the starting point being the language German. These concepts are associated with other concepts and are illustrated by photos.

Nevertheless, the World ABC is no encyclopaedia which seeks a deepening explanation of the world. On the contrary it goes a radically different way: the basis of the contents is the experienced reality of children of different mother tongues and cultures, who are just in the process of learning the German language. With it, variety moves into the foreground, which confirms at the same time the vagueness of language with its certain, meaning-imbued believed concepts. Nevertheless, in this vagueness, the common - and with it the meant - becomes by means of the pictures, visible.

The audible and readable (mother tongue) linguistic difference remains. This contrast offers a meeting possibility of equal standing: the “dumb” language of the privately known finds an opponent that is not discriminating but rather enriching.
Exactly four words stood at the beginning of the project: flower, cow, pot and knife - it is more than astonishing what can become of four words.